619 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield
(03) 9530 0193

arda restaurant


Set menu  
Take away


-Highly recommended for groups and first timers -






Four dips – chickpea (humus), eggplant, cucumber and spinach   

Hot Turkish Bread 

Side Dishes 

Three different side dishes- vine leaves, red kidney beans 

Garden Salad 

A serve of our fresh Mediterranean garden salad, with a splash of our special 

lemon vinaigrette and olive oil 

Main courses 

A selection of four different types of our main courses, including; 

Iskender kebab- Lamb Shish kebab, Chicken Shish kebab, Shish Kofta 

served on our authentic Turkish rice (pilav


A selection Turkish delight and baklava. 




          per person, minimum order of two 


vegetarian available upon request