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arda restaurant


Sides, Mezeler & Tapas  
Take away


 Baked Eggplant-                        served cold  5.5
 Oven baked eggplant, topped with yoghurt and homemade tomato salcha  
 Vine Leaves-  5 pieces               served cold  5.5
 Seasoned rice rolls individually wrapped in fresh vine leaves, topped with a splash of lemon  
 Zucchini Fritters-  3 pieces  7.5
 A consistent blend of grated zucchini and shredded carrot minced in an egg based batter  
 Red Kidney Beans-                  served cold  5.5
 Red kidney beans and seasoned vegetables, prepared in a traditional herb and spice infused sauce  
 Green Beans-                            served cold  5.5
 Fresh crispy green beans combined with diced onion and carrot, topped with olive oil and  
 insauteed in a light tomato chutney  
 Capsicum Delight-                    served cold  5.5
 Roasted red capsicum, dressed with our special vinaigrette and olive oil, with a sprinkle  
 of fresh parsley  
 Grilled Tomato & Chilli-  6.0
 Mildly hot green peppers and tomato, char grilled  
 Grilled Haloumi-  6.5
 Slices od Mediterranean style salty cheese, infused with mint, char grilled  
 Mixed Pickles-                        served cold  5.5
 Variety of vegetables traditionally pickled in a light vinaigretter  
 Falafel-  5 pieces  5.5
 Ground chickpea, herbs and spices. cooked as round patties  
 Beef Patties-   2 pieces  7.5
 Seasoned, premium crumbed beef mince patties  
 Lentil Soup-  7.5
 Authentic blend of ground lentil and mixed vegetables soup.  
 Rice-  5.5
 White rice and risoni traditionally tossed together and steamed to perfection.  
 Potato Chips-  6.5
 Chunky, straight cut potato chips cooked fresh to every order