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arda restaurant


Turkish pizzas
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Our pastries can be ordered as a main course and are also ideal as a side-dish to share.  




  Mince Lamb-   samsun   14.5
  Traditionally seasoned lean lamb mince with sliced onion, folded in boat shaped  
  thin   pastry  
  Vegetable & lamb-  kiymali        add lettuce and lemon $1.5   14.5
  Crushed tomato, sliced capsicum and onion. Marinated and tossed with  
  traditionally seasoned  lean lamb mince, spread on thin flat pastry base then  
  baked in our stone based oven  
  Fetta Cheese-  peynirli   14.5
  Grated Turkish fetta cheese, with a sprinkle of parsley and spread on thin flat  
  Turkish Pepperoni-  sujuklu   14.5
  Sliced traditional Turkish sujuk pieces spread on thin flat pastry.  
  Spinach & Fetta Cheese-  ispanakli   14.5
  Freshly sliced spinach, combined with grated Turkish fetta cheese, closed into  
  boat shaped thin pasty and baked  
  Potato-  patatesli   14.5
  Grated potato, sliced onion, with a sprinkle of parsley is then tossed together  
  and closed into boat shaped thin pastry  
  Annem’s Special   14.5
  Sliced capsicum, red onion, mushroom, sujuk, mozzarella cheese, hot chilli on  
  our home made tomato salsa base  
  Combinations-  karisik pideler   15.5
  Combination pastries are also available. This allows you to have two  
  wonderful tastes in one. A popular combination is samsun  and ispanakli