shredded pastry, oven-baked until golden. soaked in milky syrup, served with crushed hazelnut

Baklava – (v)(n)

crushed walnuts rolled in filo pastry, baked to crunchy perfection, rested in raw honey syrup - ice cream scoop $3

Turkish Delight – Lokum (v)(g)(n)

various flavours of delights, coated in fluffy icing sugar and sprinkled with crushed

Halva – Tahin Helvası (v)(g)(n)

broken tahina set in raw honey and raw sugar jam. sprinkled with pistachio

Sultans Dessert Plate – per person (v)(n)

sultans dessert plate - per person (v)(n)

Rice Pudding – Sütlaç (v)(g)

turkish custard rice pudding, dusted with ground cinnamon

Chocolate Layer Cake – Çikolatalı Pasta (v)(n)

chocolate biscuit sponge, layered with cocoa sauce. topped with crushed pistachio - ice cream $3

Künefe – (v)(n)

special Turkish dessert cheese covered with shredded kadayif pastry. oven-baked, then soaked in golden syrup. served with crushed pistachio and ice cream. perfect for sharing

Ice Cream – Dondurma (v)(g)

chocolate, strawberry or caramel topped vanilla ice cream