Baked Eggplant – Fırınlanmış Patlıcan (v)(g)

slices of oven-baked eggplant, dressed with yoghurt and homemade tomato salcha. served cold

Vine Leaves – Dolma/Sarma – 5 pieces (v)(g)

seasoned rice wrapped in fresh grapevine leaves, topped in our special vinaigrette. served cold

Red Beans – Barbunya Pilaki (v)

red beans, infused with the flavours of tomato, onion and carrot, simmered with traditional herbs and spices. served cold

Green Beans – Yeşil Fasulye (v)(g)

fresh green beans combined with diced onion and carrot, topped with olive oil and sautéed in a light tomato relish. served cold

Capsicum Delight – Közlenmiş Biber (v)(g)

roasted red capsicum, dressed with our special vinaigrette and olive oil, with a sprinkle of fresh parsley. served cold

Mixed Pickles – Karışık Turşu (v)(g)

seasonal vegetables pickled traditionally. crunchy and tangy. served cold

Zucchini Fritters – Mücver – 2 pieces (v)

combination of seasoned zucchini and grated carrot, in an egg-based batter. served hot, with a side of tzatziki

Grilled Tomato & Chilli – Mangalda biber ve domates (v)(g)

char-grilled hot green chilli peppers and tomato wedges, chargrilled

Falafel – 5 pieces (v)(g)

medalians of ground chickpea, herbs and spices. served hot, with a side of hummus

Lentil Soup – Mercimek çorbası (v)(g)

traditional blend of red lentil, chopped vegetables and hints of authentic herbs and spices

Turkish Beef Dumplings – Mantı

small pasta pieces filled with seasoned beef, served topped with yoghurt and drizzled with burnt butter sauce

Potato Chips – Patates Kızartması (v)

crunchy potato chips