Main Grills

Iskender Kebab

sizzling clay-pot of sliced doner kebab, dressed with fresh tomato salcha and yoghurt “not served with rice or salad”. optional crouton base

Lamb Shish – 4 Skewers (g)

succulent grass grazed spring lamb fillet, marinated, chargrilled

Chicken Shish – 4 Skewers (g)

organic free-range chicken breast, marinated, char grilled

Kofte – 5 Pieces

premium beef and lamb blend skinless sausages, char grilled

Adana Kebab – (g)

succulent ground lamb, traditionally seasoned with fresh red bell peppers and herbs, chargrilled

Mixed Grill For One

mouth-watering kebabs & grills. lamb & chicken shish kebab, lamb cutlet, doner kebab & kofte

Lamb Cutlets – 4 Pieces (g)

succulent grass grazed spring lamb cutlets, marinated traditionally, char grilled

Quails – 4 Halves (g)

yarra valley quails, traditionally marinated, char-grilled until golden crispy

Sujuk – 4 Pieces

beef pepperoni with authentic herbs and spices, chargrilled

Vegetarian Plate – (v)

baked eggplant, green beans, zucchini fritter and vine leaf dolma, with arda & garden salads

Vegetarian clay-pot – (v) (g)

sizzling dish of baked eggplant, roast capsicum, red and green beans, topped with tomato salcha and yoghurt. served on pilav rice “not served with salad”

Kids Meal – Children < 8 years

choice of: either one of doner kebab, lamb, chicken shish or kofte with rice & salad

Doner Kebab

tender shavings of seasoned lamb traditionally grilled on the vertical rotisserie